About Twin Suns Charities, Inc:

Twin Suns Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity with the goal of bringing the gaming community together to raise money for charitable causes through gaming tournaments. Founded in 2015 by Chad Hoefle, Chris Brown and Pasquale Mazzei, Twin Suns Charities, Inc. has raised over $81,000 for charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the American Cancer Society and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 2017, to better accommodate growth, Chris Eggert, Luke Carrington and Bryn Kinder joined Chad, Chris and Pasquale on the board of directors.

Twin Suns serves as the managing organization of the Campaign Against Cancer. Our long term goals are to continue running the CAC as well as events like it. As our finances allow, we aim to expand our services to empower other gamers run their own charitable gaming events.

About the board:

Chad Hoefle – President
Bryn Kinder – Vice-President
Chris Brown – VP of Communication
Chris Eggert – VP of Finance
Luke Carrington – Board Member
Pasquale Mazzei – Board Member

About the Campaign Against Cancer:

The first Campaign Against Cancer (CAC) was held in 2014, hosted by Chad Hoefle with the help of Chris Brown, Pasquale Mazzei, Kevin Kucharski and Anthony Lillig. It began in South Bend, Indiana with the goal of having a little bit of fun and raising some money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The event was an incredible success with 40 people attending from all around the region and raising $1300. Year two saw 4 other cities join us to bring a total of 160 players working together to raise $7200 for the ACS. Our third year saw our biggest jump in numbers up to 15 cities across the country and we raised $18,000. Year four brought us up to 17 cities and nearly 800 gamers working coming together to reach a grand total of $21,000. Most recently, in 2018, we expanded into our first international city in Australia while also supporting 24 locations in the United States. Combined, the event was able to raise $34,000 to benefit St Jude Children’s Hospital and Kids with Cancer Foundation.

For up to date information, donated prizes or to talk with fellow attendees, feel free to join our Facebook group Campaign Against Cancer: X-Wing Miniatures Event. You may also email the organizer, Chad Hoefle at twinsunscharities@gmail.com.