Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel the Campaign Against Cancer X-Wing Miniatures tournament for 2020.

Instead, we will be holding the first ever CAMPAIGN AGAINST CANCER LIVESTREAM TELETHON!

Watch us on Twitch on the Gold Squadron Podcast Channel
Watch us on YouTube on the Campaign Against Cancer channel

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    About the Event:

    The Campaign Against Cancer is an X-Wing Miniatures tournament played annually to help raise money for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital in the US and other similar charities internationally. This is an event run by players, supported by private and corporate donors, hosted by local game stores and organized by me. It is truly a community effort. If you want to know more about what we are doing, please join our Facebook group and become a part of the discussion. The cost of entry into the tournament is a minimum $15 donation, 100% of which will go to a nonprofit organization that fights cancer. To donate and enter, visit our store to get your ticket.

    How it's played:

    The Campaign Against Cancer is a competitive tournament played in a "pod format." After registration, players will be divided into groups of 8 players each (as evently as possible) and this wil form a pod. The players within each pod will play 3 rounds of swiss play against only those other players assigned to his or her pod. Once round three is complete, all players will break for a lunch and at that time, the software will reorganize the pods. Upon returning for lunch, players will be assigned to a new pod with peers that performed similarly to him before the lunch break. These new pods will be Division A, Division B, Division C, etc. Players will then play 3 more rounds of swiss within their pod. The winner of Division A will be the tournament champion, but the winners of Divisions B, C, D etc will also receive prizes for winning their divisions.

    If you will NOT be participating at one of the previous sites and still wish to contribute to our $60,000 goal, you can donate by clicking here. This link is ONLY for those that will not be playing. If you are playing, please continue to the Donations page.


    • 10:00am: Registration Opens
    • 11:00am: Opening Ceremony
    • 11:15am: Round 1 Begins
    • 12:45pm: Round 2 Begins
    • 2:15pm: Round 3 Begins
    • 3:30pm: Lunch
    • 4:30pm: Round 4 Begins
    • 6:00pm: Round 5 Begins
    • 7:30pm: Round 6 Begins
    • 9:00pm: Awards/additional raffles
    • 9:30pm: Announce Fundraiser Total and go Home!

    For up to date information, donated prizes or to talk with fellow attendees, feel free to join our Facebook group Campaign Against Cancer: X-Wing Miniatures Event. You may also email the organizer, Chad Hoefle at chad@twinsunscharities.org.